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Along the lines with the vision of His Majesty, regarding the training, nurturing and guiding Omani youth for securing promising future and employment in higher positions in the local industries, especially the Omani students of Engineering colleges in Oman, It has always been a privilege of Group AL FELAIJ to welcome the students from various schools/colleges to our facility and provide them with first hand knowledge & training required to enhance their prospects and assist them in projects assigned to them by the respective institutions.
Recently we had a batch of students from Higher College of Technology, for doing their assignment in final year, seen in the pictures taking active interest in the manufacturing equipment & processes at AL FELAIJ, plastic division.

الفليج للبلاستيك

Al Felaij Plastics has introduced new models and designs like new chest drawer,  grande chair, multipurpose racks, trash bins, cool boxes, insulated jugs and much more this year to provide customers unique designs for their modern living.

الفليج لصناعة الفرش

Al Felaij Brushes has increased its capacity by 7 million toothbrushes per year, with cutting edge robotic machinery installed in 2016.  The new machine provides the company the opportunity to produce good quality toothbrushes, with new designs at a very high production capacity. 

الفليج للساعات

Al Felaij Watches has introduced watches such as Eliza, Marc Enzo, Versace 1969, Momo Design and Aerowatch this year. Addition of the new brands gives customers more options to experience the unmatched elegance and enjoy shopping their favourite brands.